Montaigne-Style Essays By Dan Conley

Housed on this website are the original 2011 My Montaigne Project essays written on the subject of each original Montaigne essay.

Additional content includes some second take essays written in 2015 and 2016 and 2020 essays written about Montaigne in the coronavirus era.

This year I have also ventured into some non-Montaigne deep dives. My attempt to make sense of Carl Jung took the form of my Anima Series. I then applied some of my thoughts from that series into an analysis of the early sections of Don Quixote. Next came a brief stroll down the memory lane of 1970s movies, for no apparent reason, although I did enjoy it.

Other stray pieces from my blog that don’t easily fit a category remain on the blog, which can be accessed at this page. I will continue to blog and post on that page, so feel free to subscribe via WordPress or email.