Montaigne, Lockdowns and Solitude

These essays have been written throughout 2020 and consist of a variety of reflections on issues of solitude and how they related to Montaigne essays. Unlike other essays written previously, these ones tend to range across his work thematically instead of staying contained to single essays at a time. I continue to add to this body of work from time to time and given how long Coronavirus is likely to stay with us, it could end up being my largest body of work before it’s complete.

On Solitude: Montaigne in the Age of Coronavirus

Our Social Natures: More Thoughts on Solitude

Sticky Social Situations: Why Montaigne Sought Solitude

Self Knowledge: Solitude and the Return to Self

Animal Companions: Solitude and Folly

The Risks: Avoiding Failure in Solitude

Sickness and Health: More on Experience

Catch Me If You Can: Edges and Moderation

Montaigne’s Paradox: How Moderation Can Be Radical

Friendship: Miss Doing Nothing Most of All

Anger: Melancholy’s Spear or Shield?

Monday Malaise: Montaigne on Love and Madness

Diversions: What to Do When they Disappear?

Conversation: Is There Any Point in Talking if Your Mind Cannot Change?

Debate: Arguing with Montaigne About Anger

Beginning: How do We Start Over?

Curiosity: Did it Actually Kill the Cat?

Summing Up: Anything Left to Say?

Kindred Spirits: Other Writers Seeking Montaigne’s Wisdom Now

Faith in a Time of Doubt and Uncertainty

No Country for Moderation

Comfort Zones

Self Knowledge

Looking Back

Home and Comfort

Forcing the Words