Kindred Spirits: Other Writers Seeking Montaigne’s Wisdom Now

Good to see that others are following my call to turn towards Montaigne in this period of social isolation. Irish Times writer Lucy Sweeney Byrne last week recommended Montaigne’s On Solitude as a short piece that extols “the merits of being alone.”

Last month, Aeon published a thoughtful piece by Dorian Alston, also about On Solitude. His piece entitled “Don’t Take Life So Seriously” is very well done and much in the spirit of my project.

Then there is this essay by Gabrielle Nissim on Gariwo.  “Immerse Yourself and Get Lost in Friendship” is very much in the spirit of this recent essay from my project.

Finally, a short, unsigned blog post in Psychology Today quotes Montaigne on the value of making the most of solitude and self reflection. I somewhat took issue with this argument in my wrap up post, but Montaigne is quoted accurately.