Debates, Internal and External

I’m still trying to draw from randomness to find inspiration on these pages, and this morning I check my stats to see that only two readers had dropped by the blog, one from Norway, the other from Roanoke, Virginia. Welcome! They both read stories from my original project about debate. In fact, I hadn’t realized … Continue reading Debates, Internal and External

No News Networks

I spent way too much time this weekend with cable news on the TV. It's something I try to avoid, because this is basically ruminate-on-non-news television. Yes, there are pieces of news throughout the day about President Trump and COVID-19, but these blips are like those tiny chocolate chips you find in really cheap brands … Continue reading No News Networks

The Superspreader

Republicans had this giddy moment last week when they thought God had stepped in and handed them this transformational gift of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. They felt like they had just won the culture wars lottery. Now they could force through a right wing judge in the middle of a campaign, changing the subject from … Continue reading The Superspreader