A Delayed Preamble

Over the last several days, I have begun making chapter by chapter references to “Don Quixote” on the blog. When I first thought about using Cervantes’ novel as fodder, I expected it to take up a few days or maybe a week. Perhaps, because I’m also reading the novel very slowly with my sons, it could be a once-a-week subject matter.

It became obvious to me as soon as I started re-reading it that the source material is endlessly fascinating and rich and that to handle this massive subject properly, I may need to devote just as much time and attention to it as I did my original Montaigne project.

I have an idea in mind for this project that I don’t feel like fully sharing yet. I don’t consider the blog posts themselves to be fodder for a future book on this subject, but rather as a the source notes for a project. So these are basically the first steps in a new work in progress for me.

And, yes, I’m taking a bit of a breather from it today by spelling out my plans rather than pushing forward. The next chapter brings in Sancho Panza, which raises the stakes immensely. I don’t feel obliged to fully capture Sancho in one blog post, but I do need to set up his importance correctly. He is the protypical sidekick and, arguably, the main character of the novel. One theory of Quixote is that everything that happens before Panza enters the action is the overture of the story, the rest is the novel itself.

One final thought — given that I am now embarking on a full-fledged Quixote Project, I may soon transition this work to a new URL and start posting there. If I decide to go that route, I may retire this blog and maintain the Montaigne-focused pieces as a static website. I need to put some more thought into this before announcing it all, but the plan is to have a couple different blogs under the umbrella of my personal website.

Enough housekeeping — I promise to return to posting on Quixote tomorrow with an introduction to Sancho Panza.