All Mixed Up

It’s funny that it has taken this long for it to happen, but today I mixed up posts from my other blog and this one for the first time. It seems appropriate in this completely mixed up time. Is there any rationality left in the world right now, when we have a President doing B-movie stunts in the White House to show up his machismo?

The absurd part of that photo op last night — and it’s amazing that it took him little over 24 hours to top what had seemed like the worst photo op of all time — is that Trump demonstrated once and for all that he’s jealous of COVID-19. He can’t believe that this damn little virus has stolen the spotlight from him and taken away his ability to command public attention at all times.

That’s really what the stunt was all about, declaring himself as more important than COVID and someone who will not be relegated to a supporting role in COVID’s 2020 drama. It’s the ultimate act of hubris, declaring himself above nature and mortality.

It’s pointless to speculate on how this might play out from here — the only honest answer is that it will play out however our orange little dictator wants it to play out, until nature intervenes and forces him to stop. Maybe that will come in the form of illness that forces him to sit down and shut up, maybe an election result that is so bad for him, no attempt at theft will be credible.

One way or another, someday, this will end. And maybe then, we’ll get some peace and quiet back in our lives and won’t have to be subjected to the whim of that strange, needy man’s voracious ego.

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