No News Networks

I spent way too much time this weekend with cable news on the TV. It’s something I try to avoid, because this is basically ruminate-on-non-news television. Yes, there are pieces of news throughout the day about President Trump and COVID-19, but these blips are like those tiny chocolate chips you find in really cheap brands of chocolate chip ice cream … floating in a sea of white ice cream that is far more sugar flavored than vanilla.

They honestly could repeat the segments every half hour and there would only be about a 2% difference in the information you receive by having cable news on all day. This lends to half viewing while reading or watching something else on your phone or tablet … which leads to periodic explosions from me of “the Secret Service should all resign right now!” There’s no positive use for this.

I think I posted three or four things on Facebook while watching this insanity, all of which I had second thoughts about and later erased. I mean, I hope others weren’t following my lead and paying close attention to these regular BREAKING NEWS treatments of the same information they shared 90 minutes ago.

I’d like to grab some Montaigne nugget of wisdom to contextualize the completely absurd times we are living in, but who am I kidding? There’s no wisdom of the ages to make this seem sane. Republicans today are attacking Joe Biden for NOT getting COVID-19, as if catching the disease and putting a further strain on the U.S. health care system is something everyone should have the courage to do.

There’s really no point in analyzing all of this. I think this election is pretty much over at this point anyway. Trump is going to lose badly — and the only question is whether all those conservative judges he has appointed over the last four years will find a rationale to overturn what looks like a blowout in the making. I’m guessing not. They have lifetime appointments and many more wars to consider in front of them. Is it really worth blowing up the American system over Joe Biden? Trump will need to come a lot closer to an actual victory to pull off this kind of sleight of hand.

So, he’ll be discharged today. It’s a dumb move, but it’s his move. Let’s hope it works out ok for all of us.

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