What Will Happen

There’s no need to keep up any suspense about what Trump and the U.S. Senate will do in the weeks ahead. Trump will send up the nominee he thinks will help him most in the election, probably Barbara Lagoa, who they think can help him carry Florida. McConnell will ignore all the threats and will find the votes he needs to get her confirmed before election day. Democrats will be infuriated.

Look, this is going to happen in large part because McConnell knows that Trump is going to lose the election. He has a one and only chance to get a Supreme Court majority before Trump is out the door and he’s willing to sacrifice Trump’s last shot at victory to do it. This will not end well for the Republicans this cycle, no matter what idiotic analysis you hear about this changing the subject or somehow rallying the base.

By the way, just how many goodies does this base really need to be rallied? They can’t legally vote more than once. Is the racism not enough? The fake issues to stoke hatred of Dems? Tax cuts? Does the base really need to be quintuple secret motivated? At this point in the race, Trump should have his base locked down and should be spending his time trying to win over whatever swing voters are left. And let me tell you, those swing voters are NOT going to be happy with what Republicans are about to do. It’s pure power politics, of the sort weak partisans can’t stand. This will send these voters to Biden or will keep them home.

Honestly, unless Trump is willing to take the all out authoritarian route in the race and just flat out steal it, I think he’s done and I think McConnell knows he’s done. He’s getting his last pound of flesh out of Trump now because he knows it’s not coming later. McConnell’s game will be to grab power now and then scream like a femme fatale when the Democrats come back for revenge next year in the form of ending the filibuster, making D.C. and Puerto Rico states and expanding the Supreme Court. He’ll then rally Republicans over the Democrats’ extreme steps to win back the Senate in 2022 and then in 2024, who knows, with a new Republican President and Congress, create East Dakota and West Dakota to take back his Senate seats plus three more Supreme Court seats.

The dumber and more excessive the potential outcome, the more likely it is to happen now. That’s the era we’re in and we’re never getting out of it.

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