The New Site

I joked a few days ago about avoiding a five-part series on “I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” now I’ve surpassed that and created an entirely new site devoted to annotating that movie. It’s called, for I’m Thinking of Annotating This Movie. I will go through the movie one blog post at a time, sequentially, until I think it’s done, then I’ll rearrange the information to make it easier to find. Or at least that’s the plan I’m inevitably going to forget about.

As for this site … I promise to get back to the Hypernormalisation theme at some point. It’s just too depressing to go there right now in the heat of an election. Maybe it’s a theme that will work better in retrospect of the election.

So it could be quiet around here for awhile. I suggest you fill the spare time by reading some of my old Montaigne Project essays from 2011. You can find them all by scrolling to the bottom of the home page.

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