Bittersweet Me

Recently some friends and I put together a Spotify list of 1990s songs and while randomly selecting mine, I threw into the pile the R.E.M. song "Bittersweet Me" from the New Adventures in Hi-Fi album of 1996. I hadn't really listened to the song in awhile, but something about it resonated. And since putting it … Continue reading Bittersweet Me

Election and Projection

Having introduced Erich Fromm into the discussion last night, I think the following quote says so much about the way this election is unfolding and how Americans relate to one another: Still another form of neurotic love lies in the use of projective mechanisms for the purpose of avoiding one’s own problems, and being concerned … Continue reading Election and Projection

Self Knowledge

We, who are never-endingly confused by our own internal delusions, should not go looking for unknown external ones. It seems to me that it is excusable to disbelieve any wonder, at least in so far as we can weaken its ‘proof’ by diverting it along some non-miraculous way. I am of Saint Augustine’s opinion, that … Continue reading Self Knowledge