The Re-do

You’ll notice that the website has a different look starting today. I was looking to cleanup my WordPress template and noticed that the one I was using had been retired, so I moved to a new look. It should be easier to navigate.

You may also have noticed that the site has been shifting in tone to politics and other broader cultural issues. This has led to a very healthy spike in readership number, so I feel obliged to keep it up. I don’t feel that straight up political advocacy from me would add much to discussions, but if my experience as a public communicator can shed light on aspects of the 2020 campaign, I’ll weigh in.

Finally, for the most loyal of readers, you may notice that a number of posts from this year have been removed altogether. They still exist in some form and I may choose to make them public again in a different format later, but for now I am housing them on a private blog.

For those curious, my little experiment in trying to write in a personal style somewhat like Montaigne has run its course. It was therapeutic for me at times, but it’s not something I wish to keep doing for too long. Making myself that vulnerable was difficult and I would not recommended it to others. I’m also, ultimately, not very happy when spending a lot of time looking inward. I tend to have a pretty intense gaze at whatever I’m examining, and when that’s me, it just has a way of making me confused and unsettled. Which I hope will be the last personal observation for awhile.

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