Biden’s Speech: Perfect If Heard

In another electoral cycle, Joe Biden’s acceptance speech would have been immediately hailed as the speech of his life and something that puts Donald Trump in a nearly impossible spot. Biden presented himself as a President of all the people, who will end the divisions and who will tackle the big problems head on, bringing us together to find solutions. Strategically, that’s checkmate for Donald Trump. He can’t respond the way he always does, by creating a caricature of his opponent and the other team. The man standing against him is simply a better person than him, undeniably. And if Biden’s team is all America, the Q-Anon All Stars are no match for it.

However … and I hate to say this … it’s 2020. And I’m not sure that politics is the same anymore as it was in the grand days of political conventions. I said in my post last night that Biden had two choices. He either deliver exactly this kind of speech, and I even suggested never saying Trump’s name, which Biden did not, or give a rip Trump’s head off speech. Team Biden took the statesman approach and Biden delivered it with a passion I haven’t seen in him before.

But like I said yesterday, the downside to this kind of speech is that the audience for this virtual convention has been small. The best a candidate could hope for was to find a replay audience that searched out and watched the clips. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone who watched this speech live who will turn around and vote for Donald Trump. But Donald Trump does need the votes of anyone who watched this speech. He can win by lying about Biden tonight and pretending this never happened.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope the audience was huge and people search out this speech on their own — in fact, I think they should watch the full one hour plus program of biographical videos plus the speech. If fair minded people watch what the Democrats put on air tonight, Trump doesn’t have a chance.

If …

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