Normal Life

Politics today is depressing, but is it any more depressing than our everyday existence? I would argue that the need to stay politically engaged in this moment might be the last, best defense against people falling into hopeless despair right now. Absent the election little more than 60 days away -- and actually starting much … Continue reading Normal Life

Back to the Funhouse

Having spent a couple days setting up the theory of Hypernormalisation, it's time to witness it in action, not only at the Republican Convention, but also via the unrest in Wisconsin and the continued influence of conspiracy theorists in the U.S., such as Qanon. I pointed out on Facebook yesterday that we should distrust our … Continue reading Back to the Funhouse

Vladislav Surkov

My original plan today was to write some caveats about Adam Curtis's Hypernormalisation theory -- and I will certainly get around to those soon, because they are significant. But in preparing that story, I found a really interesting piece by a Russian subject of the documentary that piqued my interest, so I'm going to write … Continue reading Vladislav Surkov

The Candidates Families

My current job, writing speeches for an international service-oriented non-profit, has put me in touch with highly people-oriented individuals. It's been a nice change for me -- it's kind of refreshing to write for people who genuinely enjoy the company of lots of people and who find an easy trust with them. These are not … Continue reading The Candidates Families

The Counterpunch

Last night I pondered what the Republicans might do to respond to Joe Biden's acceptance speech last night, particularly his adept strategic move to position himself as a soothing President of all the people, in contrast to Trump's highly sectarian approach to leadership. Today, we see the response all across the internet as the Trump … Continue reading The Counterpunch

Biden’s Speech: Perfect If Heard

In another electoral cycle, Joe Biden's acceptance speech would have been immediately hailed as the speech of his life and something that puts Donald Trump in a nearly impossible spot. Biden presented himself as a President of all the people, who will end the divisions and who will tackle the big problems head on, bringing … Continue reading Biden’s Speech: Perfect If Heard

Biden’s Choices

Joe Biden has two choices tonight as he accepts the Democratic nomination for President, and they're both good options. I hope that there has been robust debate in the Biden inner circle about both paths and that one was definitively chosen, because while I can see merit in either approach, blending them into an amalgam … Continue reading Biden’s Choices