Coronavirus and the Reality Based Community

I have been thinking a lot recently about a 2004 New York Times Magazine piece by Ron Suskind about the President George W. Bush's foreign policy and their worldview. In the piece, an unnamed Bush aide, made a comment to Suskind that he characterized this way: The aide said that guys like me were 'in … Continue reading Coronavirus and the Reality Based Community

Quixote’s Mad Speech

Chapter 11 of "Don Quixote" features one of the knight's most famous speeches, his "harangue" about the "Golden Age." Whenever anyone speaks of restoring a glorious past, it's time to sit up and pay attention to the ways you are being manipulated, whether it's a MAGA-like attempt to retrieve American past glory or Martin Heidegger's … Continue reading Quixote’s Mad Speech

Hipsterism: Unread Books

Is there anything more tedious than to hear people go on and on about movies you've never seen, albums you've never heard of or TV shows on a streaming service you don't have? This raises a question for me about this project -- will anyone who hasn't read Don Quixote pay attention -- and especially … Continue reading Hipsterism: Unread Books